Johnny Houses for Quail II DVD

Johnny Houses for Quail II video is a great resource for those wanting to learn more about the use of Johnny Houses on their properties. This DVD produced by Daybreak Productions for Quality Wildlife covers the basics, the season of usage, field placement, preparing the house, Stocking the house, Usage, Maintenance, Disinfection and End of Season cleanup. Not only is this video informative; but Wildlife Biologist Jim Evans makes it really fun to watch!

The DVD can be purchased here for $20.95

View a trailer of the DVD below.


4 thoughts on “Johnny Houses for Quail II DVD

  1. David Holmes

    Jim, nice article on Harold Ray. I’ve been down to his place a couple of times for field trials and once to breed a dog. I’ve never seen a recall pen on his place other then his quail flight pen. What style of Johnny House or flat model recall pens does he and Doug use? I would like to see more article on the Smith Plantation/Harold Ray or Doug Ray. Would also like to know more about the Plantations in Georgia that are open to the public. Thanks and keep up the good work. David Holmes

  2. Ken Schortmann

    I would like to make a suggestion. This is something I have done and still do. Have you ever heard of rolled roofing? It’s a big shingle in a roll. I use in any thing I have with a wooden floor. It keeps the wood protected from moisture and contamination from feed, water and droppings. It will add a lot of life to the floor also. You can put sand on top of it in a Johnny house and sprinkle some stock salt on the sand to help cut down bacteria growth. I use the Stalosan F to do a better job of controlling Coccidiosis and bacteria.

    When you clean out the house just remove the sand and roll the roofing up, take it out, sweep it off and reuse it several times. If it gets real nasty just put a new one in and take the dirty one home and spray it off and use the next time you clean. You can rotate the roofing form cycle to cycle.

  3. Jim Evans Post author

    Many people don’t know what Stalosan F is .
    I think anyone that is growing quail or even has a holding pen for quail should understand what this product is and how it works. I know you have used it for years, so please give us a quick rundown on this product.

  4. Ken Schortmann

    Stalosan F is a dry powder broad-spectrum disinfectant that will control a larg list Bacteria to includ E-Coli, Colstridum and Salmonell
    (plus 38 more). It also controls Coccidia, Parasites and Viruses.
    More information can be viewed at We can sent a information sheet by calling me at 785 210 1119 or calling John Sonka sales manager fo kongskilde at 309 706 9993.
    I have been using Stalosan F for a long time in my quail facility and it dose what it says it will do.

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