Jim’s New Book

Since all my material is usually about quail management, this is a bit out of context – but let me explain. My father was a great sportsman, but he was also a veteran of WW2. He served in Europe and like most of the veterans, rarely spoke of it. I managed to get him to […]

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Freeze Proofing your LessMess Water Tube

The LessMess water tube can freeze and thaw without causing any damage. That works fine for us in the southeast, but if you live farther north freezing may be more of a problem. Mr. Kauder is a customer who lives in Virginia. He sent us a video of how he solved this problem using a […]

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Different Ways to Release Quail for Preseason Stocking

There are many different ways to release quail.  Here are a few that I  used successfully at my Covey Base Camps. Whenever I am conducting a pre-season release of quail on my hunting area, I try to do it in a gentle fashion.  I don’t want the quail to be so excited that they flee […]

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How Often Do I Need to Service My Covey Coop Feeders?

Over the years I have had many people ask me how long the feed will last in a Covey Coop,  and how often should they check them. Of course,  the answer will vary depending on how many quail are using the feeder and what season of the year it is.  Generally,I check them every 3-4 […]

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Great New Quail Management Book

QUAIL HABITAT MANAGEMENT is a recently released book by Dr. Ron Haaland. Ron is no novice in the world of quail management. In 1977 he was working with Mr. John Olin of Winchester Arms and his staff at the Nilo Plantation. Ron’s work experience since that time includes the successful development of dozens of quail […]

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Di-Lane Quail Project

The following article is a series of questions and answers I posed to I.B. Parnell, wildlife biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. He has directed and coordinated wildlife management operations on Di-Lane WMA since 2005. Tell us about Di-Lane Plantation. Di-Lane is located in Burke County, Georgia about 30 miles south of Augusta. […]

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Quail Holding Pen

Every year about this time someone calls to find out if we have any plans for building a holding pen for quail. Some of these people want to have birds available to them for release several times during the year. Often, the bird grower is a good distance away, and making multiple trips to get […]

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Johnny’s House a Home on the Range

article by Jim Evans (originally published in Q.U. Magazine March/April 2003) When I was a youngster staying on Uncle Jim’s rural farm in Virginia, the Johnny House was a place you ran to answer the call of nature. Back then we rated them as One Holers or Two Holers. If you train your own bird […]

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Buying Quail Land?

By Jim Evans November 3, 2009 GREAT HUNTING RETREAT This 980 acres will make a great hunting area. Over 400 acres of mature pines, the rest in younger trees. Abundant deer, quail, and turkey! Are you scanning the classified ads and touring the countryside, in search of a piece of property to manage for quail? […]

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There is every reason to believe that this strikingly beautiful color phase will remain a rarity in the wild in the future, as it has been in the past. – Herbert Stoddard I was recently visiting a friend of mine named Harold Ray. He is known through out the field trial world as one of […]

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