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Quail Holding Pen

Every year about this time someone calls to find out if we have any plans for building a holding pen for quail. Some of these people want to have birds available to them for release several times during the year. Often, the bird grower is a good distance away, and making multiple trips to get birds becomes too expensive. Also, birds are exposed to stress when they are hauled a long distance. A large holding pen lets them recover before being released.


Unfortunately, we don’t have any printed plans to make one, but we can tell you what Jim did that has worked well for us.   Jim also made the pictures, so he is in very few of them.

Back in 2003 Jim did an internet search and telephoned  Atlas Greenhouse Systems, Inc .in Alapaha, Georgia, to order a 20’x84′, 6′ spacing Cold frame. He decided on this“hoop” shape since it was cheaper than using lumber to build a traditional box shape. Also, the curve allows the pen to shed snow and ice rather than collapsing under the extra weight.

Then he got busy. Continue reading