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Managing Quail Fields DVD

Managing Quail Fields is a DVD release from Quality Wildlife. This is a great resource for anyone raising, or managing the Quail Habitat on their property. Please watch the short preview below, and see how this can be a useful tool for your property! Wildlife Biologist Jim Evans makes this a really fun and a very informative video to watch.

The DVD can be purchased here for $20.95

[flash https://bootsandbriars.com/media/Managing_Quail_Web_Clip1.flv f={image=https://bootsandbriars.com/images/ManagingQuailHabitat.jpg}]

Putting Quail back into your Quail Hunting DVD

This is Quality Wildlife’s first video, which gives a great overview of the history Quail Management, and reviews their products as well. We have included a short section on the history of Quail Management.

This DVD is included with the Covey Base Camp and available to anyone interested in learning more about our release system and products.

The DVD can be purchased here for $15.95

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